IT Infrastructure

We Assess, Define, and Plan Your IT Infrastructure need. Every business in today's era have an existing IT infrastructure and we at Laqshya Infosoft Solutions will be focussing on Cost Effective ways to utilise the maximum resources of this existing IT infra. This will be done by making certain changes based on the report generated by our expert Engineers who will audit the performance of Existing Systems and Applications.We also have solutions for Small & Medium Firms having no or little IT Infrastructure. We can plan for such companies from scratch and can also offer our SaaS based applications to make it more Economical & Flexible.Solutions provided by us will be based on latest technologies and will be the most cost effective.


System Hardware & Applications

Today’s IT infrastructure is under deep pressure to operate at the speed of business—that means being inspire with the sharpness to modify as quickly as customers and the market needs. Remaining competitive in the ever changing digital landscape requires forecast change before it happens with an infrastructure that is precisely intend at boosting user experience. Laqshya Infosoft Infrastructure Services do just that by enabling businesses to be in a continually ready-state, building business background service delivery, and speeding up delivery and by unlocking cornered value. Our services, solutions and people are serving companies in India to deliver what is most demanding to their success—faster, improved business. We call it Infrastructure that quicken Business.

Services Offered - IT Infrastructure

  • Migration Solutions (From Windows to Linux)
  • Applications (Mail Servers, Security, Android Development, etc.)
  • Management Systems (ERP, CRM, HRMS, LMS)
  • Storage solutions (SAN/NAS)
  • Cloud Computing (MS-Azure & AWS)
  • Database Solutions

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